1.  Is it necessary technical assistance to install the Antenna Reception Box?

No, it’s very easy to install it by yourself.

2. How do I install my Antenna Reception Box?

a) Connect the antenna through a coaxial wire with your television.

b) Program the over-the-air channels and look for the best position of your antenna in order to get the best performance.

c) For more information, read the user guide that is in the product menu in our  web page www.inntecver.com.mx.

3. Is it possible to set my Antenna Reception Box outdoors?

Yes, the Antenna Reception Box is designed and made of weatherproof material.


4. Is it possible to use my Antenna Reception Box for more than one Television?

Yes, you can use a divider connector for coaxial signal (1-input, 4-outputs). This way you can connect up to 4 TV.

5. Where could I get a coaxial wire for my Antenna Reception Box?

You can acquire it via INNTECVER or at any electronics shop, it is important to be sure the wire is not damaged.

6. Do I have to connect my Antenna Reception Box to an electrical source in order to it works?

No, The Antenna Reception Box doesn’t require an electrical source.

7. Is it possible to use my Antenna Reception Box without a decoder?

Once your television is digital, it doesn’t require a decoder, but Analogical television does.

8. Can I see HD channels with my Antenna Reception Box?

Yes, it is possible.